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Flood Events: Types and Causes

A car and a man stranded in the middle of a flooded streetDue to weather-related events, water may end up temporarily covering parts of land that it does not cover on a usual day, resulting to flooding.

While floods can occur anywhere, features such as the geography of the land, increase the risk of particular types of floods. As such, the indulgence of qualified engineers for flood control management in New Orleans may result in increased floods and floods effects alleviation through better planning. That said, here are some types of floods and their respective causes.

Inland Floods

This type occurs hundreds of miles away from the coastal line. These floods are not as severe, and occupants of a particular area can rescue themselves in time. They come as a result of persistent rainfall, slow-moving tropical cyclones, ice jams, and rapid snowmelts, or runoff from steep hills and mountains.

Flash Floods

This type is considered more dangerous compared to the frequent inland flooding. They are characterized by heavy raging torrents of water which move at a great speed. While most flash floods occur as a result of torrential rainfall; sometimes they might happen even with no rain. These can be as a result of ice jam or dam breaks.

Coastal Floods

This involves flooding of the coastal area by the sea or ocean water. The major causes of this type of floods include; high tides, tsunamis- ocean waves that result from underwater earthquakes, and storm surge – sea or ocean piles that form due to low pressure and tropical cyclone wind. Unfortunately, as global warming escalates, more coastal floods will be experienced. This is due to a rise in sea level meaning, it will take a lesser time to trigger floods, and thus they will occur more often.

Regardless of where you live, flooding is not a threat you should ignore. While some areas are at a higher risk than others, this does not take you off the hook entirely. Thus, ensure that you are well aware of the type of floods likely to attack your area and stay ready.