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Biological Methods of Solid Waste Management

Flushing ToiletSolid waste makes up the highest volume of waste from the public and private sector alike. Annually, according to the World Bank Group, solid waste generation levels reach approximately 1.3 billion tons. This may go up as high as 2.2 billion tons annually by 2025. Getting an efficient waste management solution for your solid waste, then, is essential.

Improper dumping of your solid waste litters the environment, forms a breeding ground for bacteria, and produces toxic material which seeps to underground water. Partnering with a company that offers waste management services is the efficient solution to getting rid of your solid waste in Utah. There are various methods of management of waste, but biological waste management is the most efficient and eco-friendly option. Here are some of the methods of biological solid waste management.


This refers to the decomposition of different types of organic waste under restricted anaerobic conditions. Compositing takes place in specially designed mediums because there is currently inadequate space for landfills. Industries including food processing, agriculture and paper and household kitchens generate 100 percent organic waste which can be composited to yield good manure.

Anaerobic Digestion

This waste management method results in a controlled release of biogas rich in methane. The methane can be a reusable source of energy. Anaerobic digestion takes place in large fermenting tanks in the absence of oxygen. Unlike compositing, this biological method uses three temperatures ranging from 20 to 45 degrees Celsius.


This is a biotechnological method of waste management. Vermicomposting uses certain earthworm species to boost the waste conversion process to generate an improved end product. This method of waste disposal is faster compared to compositing and unlike the latter uses microorganisms.

You cannot stop the accumulation of solid waste in your home or industry. Thankfully your waste management company can manage it efficiently with the above methods. Get in touch with a reputable waste management company and play your part in eco-conservation and recyclability.