Will You Buy a Car from a Vending Machine?

CarTraditional vending machines for sale in Dallas and other parts of Texas will no longer be for dispensing snacks and beverages because now people can buy cars from these machines. Vending machine companies like TGL Vending are trying to find ways of using these machines to allow consumers to buy anything in convenience.

Online vehicle retailer Carvana recently launched a car-vending machine in Houston, which is its second facility of its kind in the U.S. The company opened the first car-vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee.

Vending Cars

The new vending machine reaches a height of eight stories similar to a usual building. The facility can accommodate a maximum of 30 vehicles, according to Carvana. The machine’s height stands three stories taller than the one in Nashville.

Buyers can purchase cars by simply looking for a certain vehicle online. The company provides financing options and even trade-ins for old cars. As soon as you complete a purchase, you can pick it up at the vending machine. One distinct advantage of the machine involves less hassle from dealing with local salesmen and faster transaction time.

Buying Experience

Unlike the usual car purchase experience, buyers can browse through their computers at home and set their terms in the buying process, according to Carvana General Manager Kristin Collins. If you are interested, you can choose from 7,400 car models from the company’s website. Your purchase is made after entering your financing details.

In case you find something wrong with the car or simply dislike it, Carvana allows customers to return vehicles after a period of up to seven days. Buyers can also test drive the cars they bought for a distance of 400 miles.

Vending machines have been a common sight in many establishments from school, offices and other public spaces. The launch of the new car-vending machine serves not as a signal to the imminent death of local dealerships, but as a complementary service for vehicle buyers.