What to Look Out for When Investing in Enamelware

Enamel and stainless kitchenwareEnamelware is a popular baking and cooking vessel because of its durability and timeless vintage elegance. If you are looking at investing in enamelware, here are three basic things you should look out for.

Rare Sets

Other than production date stampings, there are rare colours of enamelware for sale at Falcon Enamelware but are mostly hard to find. These pieces can run up to thousands of pounds, but they’re definitely worth every pound and pence you’ll shell out for it.

Purple and red are a couple of the rare colours; there are also a few pieces in orange. Blue swirl patterns are even rarer as making most of these pieces require the traditional white and blue rim that we still think are beautiful and continue to love to this day.

Old Sets

Most of the old enamelware met its end of life during the scrap-metal drives at the turn of the century. Some 1800s enamelware has production dates stamped at the bottom of them, but most everything did not have labels as these kitchen tools were not as valuable before as they are today.

The craftsmanship and the strength of the material are what makes the older sets precious and important that some pieces can run up to more than a thousand pounds. To tell if enamelware was made in the earlier production, knock on the bottom of it, and it should make a solid, sturdy sound.

A tinny sound is highly likely an indication that a piece was made at a later time, around the 1960s, for example.

New Sets

The newer productions still come in traditional shapes with additional sizes and fun colours to boot. Pie dishes and baking tins come in bright and rich solid colours such as red, grey, even black to name a few. There are also pastel versions of it, which look lovely and the soft hues make the food in it look even more appetising.

Enamelware is the quintessential cookware and food container that’s loved by many home and professional cooks alike.

If you’re looking at starting a collection, look for the three qualities mentioned above and create a wonderful collection you can hand down to the next generation. This cookware sure lasts a lifetime. And that’s what makes it a great investment.