High-Rise Living Becomes More Popular for Australian Seniors

high rise apartment buildingHigh-rise towers in Australia will be more popular residences among senior citizens, as vertical living seems to be the solution for building more homes for an ageing population.

The Property Council of Australia (PCA) believes vertical retirement communities could solve the shortage of senior housing, particularly in suburban areas near capital cities. By 2021, baby boomers who will be 75 years old will drive the trend in high-rise retirement living.

Advancements in Aged Care

Most senior citizens would want to stay in communities where they grew up for most of their lives. As a result, buildings would need to be more aged care-friendly especially for those with mobility issues. Different kinds of lifting slings for sale will continue to be important since some patients require assistance for moving around.

Others want to live in a high-rise building near the city to make them feel like they remain a part of a busy community. Not everyone will plan to stay in a remote place together with his or her peers, and many families still want their elderly to live nearby.

Population Growth

An ageing population is not the only key factor for a growing need for housing in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there is one new resident and immigrant every 83 seconds and two minutes, respectively. The biggest source of migrants comes from China and India.

The concentration of new residents and migrants are in Melbourne and Sydney, which account for around two-fifths of the population nationwide. Since 2015, the country’s population has grown by roughly 400,000 people per year. This has only reignited a debate on how cities could support the basic needs of an increasing population.

Demand for high-rise retirement living in Australia will likely increase in the next few years, given the increasing rate of immigrant and elderly population. Where do you plan to spend your twilight years?