Electrical Hazard Symbols and What They Mean

An electrician fixing electric cablesElectricity is dangerous. Exposure to it can cause various injuries and death. That is a fact many know, yet they still neglect to practice caution when dealing with it. This is the reason electrical hazard symbols are vital in the workplace. With ever-present reminders of the dangers of working with electricity, workers will be more careful. The experts at Clarion Safety Systems provide a summary of symbols you can use and what they mean.

Voltage or Shock Hazard Sign

There are two types of shock hazard signs. You could get a symbol that only has a bolt or one with a bolt that runs across a hand. The sign means that injury or even death may occur if someone touches a particular electrical area or equipment.

Static Hazards

For static risks, the sign will have a shoe with a bolt beneath it. This warns people of possible explosions of static electricity. The sign is a reminder to wear rubber-soled shoes to prevent absorbing the static energy.

Danger/Safety Symbols

These signs address matters concerning safety or danger. They describe the electrical safety condition within a specified site. For people to better understand any dangers that lie ahead, the sign will come with a single word, and often you will see “DANGER!” It could also simply contain an exclamation mark.

Buried Cable Sign

Some sites have buried cables that could pose dangers to anyone walking by. Areas with such hazards will have bold signs that warn people of dangers on the ground. Such symbols will come with a lightning bolt that has an arrow that points downwards.

There are many guidelines to follow when working with electricity, and everyone who handles it must remember them. When selecting hazard symbols for use in your workplace, it isn’t sufficient to simply buy any old sign. Remember that the signs must capture everyone’s attention so that the number of people who forget and neglect safety measures will decrease.