Back to Basics: 3 Ways to Pull Off a Monochromatic Wedding Color Scheme

WeddingThere’s a reason monochromatic wedding color schemes are popular: they’re simple, yet stunning. It’s easy to tie all event design elements when sticking to just one color. What’s not easy though is how to bring out the visual interest and avoid the flat, bland-looking palette.

If you’re planning on going back to the basics and pulling a mono on your wedding, here are tips to help you pull that off:

1. Let the venue and season guide you.

It can be really hard to pick one base color. Sure, you can just pull it out of your preferences as a couple, but you can also take some cues on your venue and the season.

Say, if you’re planning to get married in a rustic barn in Colorado, choose a light-colored hue, such as white or beige, so you can get that rich contrast between your palette and the venue. The season can give you some hints as well.

If you are having your ceremony in the summer, yellow and orange are the hues best to use. These bright colors especially become eye candy when applied in your flowers. See how you can have just the right amount of popping colors in your flowers.

Discuss it with your wedding florist. Floral designers from Denver, Colorado, would have expert advice on how you can avoid overdoing such bright colors.

2. Layer different shades.

Just because you picked blue as your primary color doesn’t mean everything in the wedding design should have that exact same shade. And you shouldn’t go that way because it will just make your entire design dull and boring.

Mix and match different shades of blue. If you don’t know where to start, pick a lighter shade than the color you already chose, and then choose another but with a darker shade. With this, you already have three tones of blue that offer variety to the eyes.

3. Lean into ombré style.

Another way you can add visual variety is to consider the ombré effect in your design details. Ombré style basically refers to the gradual blending of different colors or transitioning from one hue to another.

So, you might want to have a white monochromatic color scheme with some streaks of blue on the hems of your wedding gown or edges of cakes. Consider it as a monochromatic scheme with a twist.

A monochromatic color scheme could instantly make your wedding event design stunning. Just remember, monochromatic shouldn’t have to mean monotonous.