Take Your Ride Farther and Longer with Fuel Capacity Boosters

Fuel Being PouredFrom the remote outback to the miles and miles of water that Australia is well-known for all over the globe, it makes sense that the country’s people consider off-the-road adventures as an integral part of their lives. As such, many of them place extreme value on their 4WDs and/or boats and often modify it to suit their travelling needs.

What a lot of people often overlook though is increasing fuel capacity, either temporarily or permanently. And while it’s a must to improve safety and comfort, just as important is ensuring you never run out of fuel while in the middle of nowhere. For this reason, now is the best time for you to work with a storage tank manufacturer for boosting your ride’s fuel capacity.

Your Temporary Fuel-Increasing Options

Whether you’re new to the world of off-roading/boating, or you only go out on your expeditions a few times a year, then a temporary fuel capacity booster may make more sense. In this case, you should look at portable fuel containers. These tanks for short-term use come in a variety of capacities, with the smallest usually offering three gallons of extra fuel on board. Some can securely hold even more than 30 gallons.

What’s important though, is to ensure that your vehicle has the space and the ability to carry the additional weight of the extra fuel and the container itself.

The Long-Term Solutions

Permanent tanks are your best bet if your goal is to go on those long trips without worrying about running out of fuel or if you take more than once-a-year trips off-road or on-water. You should work with highly experienced and reliable tank manufacturers to have one permanently fitted to your ride.

And as a final reminder, don’t forget to ensure your storage tank complies with all the appropriate Australian Standards, particularly those falling under the AS2906:2001.