Reduce Energy Costs in Your Compressed Air System

Compressed Air System MeterAlmost all industries are currently experiencing high production costs ranging from labour and energy to raw materials and shipping. Energy costs are continually rising and have a significant impact on your profits. A Compressed air system is an essential component of industries, and its energy consumption should be acknowledged.

Using aluminium piping for your compressed air systems is a cost-effective option because of its improved flow rates, ability to withstand extreme conditions and quick and easy installation. There are various ways you can increase the energy-efficiency of your compressed air system after purchasing pipes from reliable aluminium pipe suppliers. Here are the areas you should pay attention to for energy-efficient compressed air systems.

Pipe Layout

You should eliminate elbows, remove constrictions and reduce unnecessary pipe lengths to increase energy efficiency. Minimising leaks will help save on your energy costs significantly. All pipes should, therefore, be well supported to reduce sagging and movement which can contribute to leaks.

Pipe Sizing

Most industry players are misled to use smaller diameter pipes to save on capital costs. Small pipe diameters, however, cause significant pressure drops across your system and lead to increased energy consumption. Calculate your pipe diameters based on the maximum air velocity in your main supply and branch lines.

Pipe Installation

Welded and threaded joints in compressed air systems serve as a cause of leaks in your system. Leaks lead to increased operating costs since your system must work overtime to recompense for pressure drops. Aluminium pipes, however, eliminate the need for threading and welding making them typically leak free. Ensure the pipes are well installed.

Your compressed air systems represent an enormous opportunity for instant energy savings for your production costs. You can save up to 30% on your energy costs with the correct design for your air system, proper maintenance and efficient operation. Minimise your energy bills today by getting an energy-efficient compressed air system.