Polished Concrete Flooring Is the New Marble and Granite

Tile floor installationWhether it be residential or commercial establishments — using concrete floorings has always been a popular choice. Concrete is sturdier and less susceptible to damage compared with many of its counterparts.

It is clearly less expensive than granite or marble while being comparable in terms of strength and aesthetics. The need for maintenance is almost non-existent, and you only need to apply concrete floor sealers or similar products every four years.

Polished concrete requires very little effort to clean — light mopping and some water will usually do the job. It holds up well to heavy traffic and extreme weight, and its surface resists staining from oils or other substances.

Strong and Beautiful

Marble and granite are industry standards when it comes to aesthetics, but using polished concrete can achieve similar looks with variations depending on your preferences. Polished concrete can have a high degree of shine or a mirror-like finish, all you need is to specify your requirements.

The reflectivity of polished concrete makes an establishment appear clean and professional. Offices, hotels, and dining establishments usually prefer a high light reflective surface. If you want to go with a more natural look, you could have polished concrete stained to replicate the look of stone.

From Businesses to Homes

Thousands of establishments have used polished concrete for their floors, and the high-end housing market is now following suit. With the proper contractors and materials, polished concrete can be made to look like marble or granite — at less than half the cost.

With a bit of staining, you can even make sure your concrete floor matches — or adds on to — your house’s design aesthetics. It needs no waxing, very little maintenance, and cleaning is fast and easy.

Polished concrete is strong, durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. It is an efficient, beautiful, and economical flooring option.