Noises that Indicate Future Plumbing Disasters

A Professional PlumberThere are normal sounds plumbing systems make; then there are those that tell you it has problems you need to take care of right away. You shouldn’t ignore these noises, as delaying will just make it worse. The last thing you want is to have a flooded house flooded because of a burst pipe.

If you hear any of these noises, make sure you seek the help and services of a licensed plumber in Salt Lake City.

Reverberating, Banging Sound

As soon as you hear a reverberating bang that sounds throughout the home, take action right away by checking the pipes. Most likely, the water hammer could have caused the sound, which usually occurs when fast-flowing water moves through the narrow pipes and suddenly halts. Closed valves could have led to the flow stopping abruptly, resulting in the banging noise.

You should have this checked right away because constant water pressure against the valve can wear out the plumbing joints, leading to much more serious and expensive damages.

Shaking and Rattling

In many cases, people hear shaking and rattling sounds – particularly those that seem to come from within the walls – when they shower. This usually means improperly secured pipes. When water passes through the supply pipes, their metal components produce sound waves heard throughout the house. These noises can also signify irregularities in water flow patterns. Making the pipe straps tighter can resolve this issue, but if it doesn’t, call your local plumbing professional ASAP.


A rumbling plumbing system can annoy anyone, but it can also actually mean serious issues with your water heater. Sediments from the water can build up at the bottom of the heater, which can then lead to the boiling of the water trapped between the particles. The boiling water produces the rumbling sound. When it’s your water heater, it is best left in the hands of professionals since tinkering with a hot water system can put you at risk of burns, scalding, or electrocution.

Whichever of these three noises you hear, you know that you shouldn’t postpone having your home’s pipes and valves checked out. Don’t let these noises lead to bigger and costlier problems.