Is It Your First Time to Attend a Funeral? Here Are Some Etiquette Tips

Brown Casket Being CarriedViewing the body of a dearly departed friend is not exactly an experience that many look forward to. After all, dealing with death is not easy, especially if it’s your first time.

Knowing the proper funeral etiquette can save you from embarrassment. With that in mind, do consider the following suggestions before you attend a funeral for the first time.


You can view the body before the actual funeral service since it will be displayed a few days before the burial. Usually, these are the days that don’t require any sort of invitation.

However, if the family chooses to make the funeral rites and burial an exclusive affair for blood relatives, then you must respect their decision. Also, if you’re unsure whether you want to see your friend in a casket in Taylorsville then feel free to visit their grave after the funeral.

Suit Up

If the family does give you an invitation, consider it the highest honor and go to the service dressed in your best attire that’s suited for the occasion. Try to blend in with a formal but somber outfit.

The only probable exception to this rule would be if  family members requested to follow a theme color for the service. In the absence of such an announcement, it’s best that you stick to a conservative, black ensemble.

Show of Emotions

When you arrive, introduce yourself to the next of kin and state your relationship with the deceased. Offer words of comfort to them before viewing the body.

It’s alright to let loose just a little when speaking of your departed friend or upon seeing their body, but don’t overdo it. Keep yourself under control, and if you need to grieve further, you can do so in private later on.

Rituals and rites connected to death are part of saying goodbye to someone you treasure. Know how to act during this solemn time. Keep this in mind to honor the one who has left for the afterlife.