How to Repair Peeling Paint on Your Home

Peeling Paint on WallNothing can make a house look old, unsightly, and sorely lacking in care than peeling paint. Even if your house is a century old, if the paint always looks fresh, it may have more appeal than a newer home with bad paint.

Repainting is one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects. It will not cost as much as remodeling a bedroom, a bathroom or a kitchen, but it is a lot easier to recoup the expenses once you decide to sell.

You do not have to repaint the entire house inside and out if there are only problem areas. One good rule of thumb is to paint by the panel if you want a simple repair.

Here is how to touch up your peeling paint:

Seal up any holes

Use patching compound or caulk for holes, cracks and other imperfections in the wall after removing the old paint. You will need to smoothen the entire area, as well. Use sanding disc pads with fine grit to smoothen the area and remove any remaining old paint.

Get rid of the old paint

Do not paint over peeling paint. Remove the old paint first. Use a wire brush and a paint scraper. Make sure the old paint does not fall all over your furniture or the rest of the house or sucked into duct work.

Wipe it clean

You do not have to wash the area; otherwise, you will need much more time to let it dry. Use a micro fibre cloth damp with clean water to wipe the area clean, and then dry with a separate, clean micro fibre or terry cloth. If there are tight spaces like corners, you may use a soft detailing brush for further cleaning.

Prime the area

The primer can keep the area protected from moisture and make sure the paint adheres perfectly to the wall. Prime when the wall is completely dry, and then let the primer dry completely (see manufacturer’s directions).

Paint the area

When the primer is good and ready, you can start painting. You may use a roller for the majority of the wall to speed up the work. Then use a brush for the corners and details. Make sure there are enough plastic or tarp and tape to protect the areas you are not painting.

That is how easy it is to repaint a section of your home. Make sure to get some advice from more experienced friends or professionals before working on your project.