How Much Should You Pay for Installing French Doors?

French Door Installation The cost of adding French doors for homes may range between $500 and $1,400, depending on the type of material. Many suppliers of door handles in Australia such as Entro have offered a variety of designs, which provide homebuilders with several ways of increasing a door’s aesthetic appeal.

Installation and Labour

You would need to tally the cost of labour aside from the door itself when estimating the final price of investment in French doors. Most tradesmen charge hourly rates for their work, while some may require a call-out fee.

Rates depend on your location, but you should expect to pay up to $80 per hour when hiring carpenters or builders. The ultimate price then for fitting homes with French doors may cost around $600, including the cost of buying a single wooden type.

Single aluminium French doors may cost up to $1,500 when the cost of installation work for an hour is taken into account. If you are developing homes in major capital cities, intricate doors are no longer just an option since it is among the first things that buyers see upon entering a house.

Rising Home Prices

Home prices in some cities such as Melbourne and Sydney have increased in the last six years, which is a good enough reason for developers and sellers to consider simple additions for enhancing a property’s value.

These two cities account for the biggest share of the overall property market value, and around 40 percent of the country’s population lives there. In fact, the value of homes in these two cities is even more expensive than in New York and London based on a survey.

Whether or not you decide to install French doors, it is important to consider door designs in your development project. Small details like door handles can sometimes spell the difference in improving a home’s facade.