Elements to Evaluate When Choosing Wooden Furniture

Wood FurnitureWhen it comes to wooden furniture, the wood used in construction is a very important consideration. Almost all kinds of wood can be used to build furniture, but not all of them is suitable for this purpose.

It is not hard to judge the quality of wood when shopping at furniture stores in Kansas City. In fact, you need not be an expert to get it right. Here are the essential elements you should base your judgment on when buying wooden furniture.

Source of Wood

The classifications of the wood used in making furniture are soft, engineered, or hard. Manufacturers typically make high-quality furniture with hardwood from deciduous trees such as mahogany, birch, oak, maple, and cherry. This type of wood is often air dried to get rid of moisture. Softwood from coniferous trees such as cedar and pine makes good furniture, but it is more prone to dents and scratches. Engineered wood is sturdy and resists warping and splitting. It is attractive when used in conjunction with high-quality veneers.

Wood Construction

The construction of furniture affects its functionality, durability, and beauty. Tenon, mortise and dovetail joints make the strongest and most attractive joints. Well-constructed furniture should have well-fitted and smooth parts even in unexposed places. Drawers in cabinets and armoires should glide effortlessly, and doors ought to fit neatly.

Wood Finish

Finishing, staining, and sanding are parts of the finishing process of wood. Wood not correctly sanded makes unattractive furniture and does not stain evenly. Good staining will increase the natural attractiveness of wood and add to its character and color. Look for a finish that is smooth and free from bubbles and spots.

An exception to the factors mentioned above is distressed wood. Furniture made from distressed wood uses some effects that age it to enhance its rustic appeal. Manufacturers batter, nick and beat distressed wood before finishing it. High-quality distressed furniture must nevertheless be sturdy and well-constructed.

Knowing the types of wood to make furniture is one story, assessing overall quality is another. Regardless of the type of wood used, if the piece is not well-made, the material will not matter as much.