Which Businesses Gain Most from Local Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine OptimizationMany businesses integrate search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies into their marketing plans, thinking that doing so will be beneficial to them. While companies do have a lot to gain by adopting SEO in general, some industries could be getting more out of it than others. This is especially true when using local SEO. Here are some of the industries that make the most of the powers of local search. Do you see yours here?

Medical and Dental Care Providers

SEO professionals have seen medical services reaping the rewards from targeted digital marketing strategies. Hospitals, clinics and dental practices are perfect for local SEO because of the highly specialised nature of their respective industries.

Those offering emergency services in different locations throughout a given area can benefit from targeted searches that are location-based, which is exactly what local SEO is about. To maximise this clear advantage, businesses need to update their websites, incorporating keywords that indicate their locations and services.


Millions use the internet to look for places to eat, which is great for restaurants using local SEO. Customers living nearby can see their local eateries immediately among hundreds of search results, which is perfect for businesses who want to establish brand equity with a big online following.

While some may argue that content being king in SEO is a big lie, restaurant owners can boost their chances of having a page 1 ranking on Google by publishing relevant blogs on their website. In addition to regular updates on their menu, they may also share food recommendations and tips to enable customers to enjoy their dining experience. Reviews should also take centre stage on their site. This will generate a lot of interest among online visitors, even those who aren’t looking for a restaurant.

Home Improvement Services

When your water pipes and roof start to leak, you immediately call home-improvement services to fix them. With local SEO, it’s easier to find a nearby service that you can count on to arrive promptly. Home-improvement services such as roof repairs and plumbing are in demand, and local search brings them closer to those who need them.

Reviews for these service providers are as important as they are to restaurants.  After all, homeowners want to find providers they can trust. Good reviews work well for building credibility.

These are just a few businesses that can get the most out of local SEO. Could there be benefits for your business?