4 Kinds of Cases Private Investigators Work On

Private Investigator with Magnifying GlassLife, sometimes, is like an episode of Twin Peaks — a strange case occurs and the whole community is off to hire a private investigator like Agent Dale Cooper. However, not all private investigators work on murders and missing person cases. Most of the time, they also provide services that can greatly aid families and businesses. Here are four kinds of cases that private investigators handle:


Surveillance is one of the major reasons attorneys and individuals hire private investigators. It involves several cases, such as looking for a missing person, acquiring evidence regarding a serious injury, or even infidelity suspicions. A private investigator may work on surveillance for a short period to several months, depending on the client’s requirements.

Background Checks

Families and corporations sometimes need a background check to a certain person or organization, resulting to hiring a private investigator. Background checks examine a person’s credit, address history, criminal history, professional history, and social connections. Robust background checks may also provide security clearance to an individual.

Family Law Matters

Private investigators also work on family matters, especially for civil trials that require enough evidence. Some of these include divorce cases and child custody battles. and other family law attorneys say that most law firms hire private investigators to find a missing person or to locate adopted family members. Families may also hire them when searching for important assets.

Corporate Investigations

A study says that in America, 12% of private investigators specialize in corporate investigations. Focused on business and the dealings that come with it, private investigators typically verify the legitimacy of a business partner, look into loss or theft of proprietary information, and identify the potential of a damaged reputation. Businesses, whether big or small, hire private investigators for the benefit of their organization.

As an individual or part of a business entity, you can hire a private investigator for the safety of your family or organization. When doing so, it is ideal to seek the advice of an attorney to ensure the dealings of your case.