3 Tips for Preventing Cracks in Concrete

photo of a cracked concreteMany people assume concrete cracks are often a result of foundation problems. But there are many other reasons concrete structures deteriorate. Before getting concrete repair services in Kansas City, it helps to understand the different causes of concrete cracks and what can be done to prevent them.

1. Reduce the water content in the concrete.

Using a low water-to-cement ratio will have an effect on the output of a concrete project. Keep in mind that moisture and temperature can make concrete either expand or contract through constant exposure. But the overall tendency of concrete is to shrink. This shrinkage is the main reason concrete structures develop cracks. So when there is less water content, there is also less chance that shrinkage would happen.

2. Use reinforcement bars.

You might also want to use small reinforcing metal bars to increase the support of the concrete and prevent it from deteriorating quickly and getting damaged. Only high-quality mix materials should be used when creating additional support to the concrete.

3. Ensure proper finishing.

It is a must in every project to use the right finishing techniques combined with the right timing between finishing operations. Also, flat troweling and flat floating are both highly recommended. Always be cautious when working on the concrete. Overworking the concrete can cause it to aggregate, which can result in water bleeding and excess fines to increase in height.

It is always best to know how you can properly maintain those concrete slabs before problems get any worse. Knowing how to prevent these cracks properly can save you both time and money in the future. Remember to work with a company that specializes in concrete repair and replacement to get the support that you need.