3 Things to Do While Waiting for a Tow Truck

A Ferrari being towedSo, you are the kind of person who likes driving around: sometimes just around town, or maybe off-road in your 4×4. And one thing that motorists like you need to be prepared for is a vehicle break down. It could be a flat tire, a dead battery, or you simply just ran out of gas.

Whatever it is, most people do not anticipate that something like this can happen. When it does, you will have no choice but to have your vehicle towed.

Many things can go through your mind while in this dilemma. Questions like, “Why didn’t I have the car checked before leaving?” or “I don’t think I ran over anything sharp.” Whatever anxious thoughts you may have, what you do need to prepare for is the service professional who is on his way to help you.

Here are a few things you can do while waiting for your knight in shining tow truck.

1. Set up any warning device that you may have. Reflective triangles, wireless tow light bar you can buy from firms such as Tow Mart, or even just your hazard lights. You will have to warn other motorists that your car is disabled and make sure that they can steer clear of your stopped vehicle, especially at night.

2. Verify the tow truck service information. Before exiting your vehicle, ask the tow truck dispatcher for the name of the driver and the plate number of the truck that is coming to you. That way you’ll know that whoever arrives is legit and not someone who’s committing tow fraud

3. Move your vehicle, if possible. If your car gives up on you right smack in the middle of the road, that is going to cause a lot of pressure on you. Try your best to keep calm and safely move away from flowing traffic. If that is not possible, then your hazard lights should be enough to explain that.

It will never hurt to be overly prepared. Be a responsible driver and stay safe.