What to Do with Your Wedding Ring Post-Divorce

Two rings on top of a pillow with white flower beside itWedding rings usually mark the love and union of a couple. Yet, if it ends, the rings may become bittersweet reminders of a significant point in your life. You might wonder what you can do to the weddings ring your marriage in Utah left behind. You can do a lot of things with your wedding ring, actually.

Toss It Away.

Some toss their rings into a body of water, while others toss their rings into a fire. This melodramatic way of discarding the ring brings a sense of catharsis to divorced individuals. This feeling may be especially powerful when your marriage was full of bad memories.

Turn It into New Jewelry.

Many divorcees have turned to an emerging trend to get rid of their wedding rings. The trend involves turning the ring into a new piece of jewelry. You can find divorcees making necklaces out of their rings. Alternately, you can have your ring melted down so you can craft it into a keepsake you can keep or give to your children.

Return to the Previous Owners.

Another option you can consider is returning an heirloom ring to its previous owner. Returning an heirloom ring can be especially thoughtful of you if the ring came from the family of your former spouse. At the very least, you can ask the previous owners if they will want to have the ring back.

Sell It.

Finally, you can sell the wedding ring to a jeweler. You will receive less than what you may expect, but the earnings can be substantial if your ring truly has worth. You can get creative with what you do with the money. One divorcee gave her earnings to charity, while another used the earnings to send the children to Europe.

Ending a marriage is one of the hardest things some people will go through. Although it is painful to be left with a reminder of the end of a relationship, it isn’t the end of their life. Rather, it is a beginning of a new chapter. What will you do with your wedding ring?