What Are the Tools Used to Measure Speed in Sports Games

A little league game of footballOne of the ways that professional sports have tried to explain a game’s outcome is through the use of new technology and scientific tools. This method of putting more analysis on a game has made people understand why a person can do what they do on the court or the field.

Explaining plays also helps viewers develop a better appreciation of professional athletes compared with regular people. It is easy to say that a pro is better. Without any explanation, the regular guy can always say that he can also do the same things a pro can do. What they do only look easy, but it takes years of training to be as good as the guys on the floor.

The Proper Tools

Part of the science of sports are the various tools used. These include radar guns, high-speed cameras, as well as graphics and analytics tools. On a smaller scale, you can try out most of these tools in your own pickup game or on a school match. For instance, you can use a radar gun to measure the approximate speed of a service during a game of tennis. You can also use it to measure the speed of a baseball pitcher’s throw, or a soccer ball. If one can determine a game by the speed or behavior of the ball, any information about it is a useful analytics tool. This is something to consider when you want to buy a stalker radar gun that’s for sale, for instance.

The Best Way to Compute Speed

Researchers have conducted numerous studies about the best way to measure the speed of a tennis serve. One conclusion was that it is best to measure with the use of 4 radar guns. There are different factors to consider, and the radar guns are useful in measuring — and then calculating based on the direction — the ball’s speed from different angles. With only one radar gun, you can get the speed, or you can compare speeds thrown at different times. Getting the correct measurements requires more data.