Things You Didn’t Know About Mexican Food

NachosMexican food is rather popular in the United States because it blends together several great flavors that are not native to the standard American diet. Before heading out to the best Buena Vista Mexican restaurants, we want to send you off with six fun facts about Mexican food.

Traditional Guacamole is way different

Most people know that garlic and lime make for great Guac. The truth, however, is that the two actually do not feature at all in authentic Mexican guacamole. Very few regions even use lime.

Mexicans eat healthier

The standard Mexican diet features far less red meat than your average American diet. In fact, there is far less beef in their diets than you would think. Mexicans, in fact, much prefer chicken or pork.

Tortillas, canned

Between the 40s and the 80s, tortillas used to come out of a can. People consider it a better-preserved way to keep it fresh. Today that is no longer the case, as you cannot find canned tortilla anywhere.

Regional flavors

There is not really just one kind of Mexican food – it all depends on the region in Mexico. The North features predominantly meat dishes while the South is where you will find healthier chicken and vegetable dishes.

Spy game

Fajitas were the creation of one Ninfa Rodriguez Laurenzo. They became so popular that other restaurants sent spies out to steal her special recipe. This ended up promoting its widespread adoption as a staple.

Spanish influences

The Spaniards had quite a potent influence on Mexican cuisine felt (and tasted) in your favorite Buena Vista Mexican restaurant today. While innovations were rife, one thing that both cultures shared in common was a love of Chili.

If you’re looking for a truly flavorful and tasty Mexican food experience, check out the nearest restaurant that offers authentic cuisine that captures the range of flavors of this truly diverse cuisine.