Smooth Move: How to Ease Your Kids into Condo Living

Family in parkTransitions are always uncomfortable for everyone, but more so for children. Moving to a new place is that one big change that could be overwhelming for them, as it affects basically everything, from school and friends to daily habits.
And if the move is from a big house to a small condominium unit, that change becomes a bit more challenging. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your kids for this transition.

Communicate Early

It’s best if children could prepare for the move a month before. Even when you’re still visiting condo units around Cebu, for example, keep them in the loop already. Take them with you if possible. Let them see the amenities, like the swimming pool and green outdoor spaces.
Talk about living in a condo as much as you can, over dinner or while you drive them to school. Let them imagine the activities they’ll be able to do once you start living there. You might want to buy a unit from condos like Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan, which has a resort-type theme that would remind your kids of your beach vacations.

Train to Declutter

A few crates of toys may not be a problem in your current house, but it will be, for sure, when you’re living already in a condo. So before you move, train your children to declutter. This isn’t just about storing stuff properly and keeping floors and surfaces neat, but also letting go of some things.

It would be really hard for children to do this, but one way you could let them be at peace is telling them that they’re not throwing away their stuff—they’re only making another kid happy with their kind donation.

Know the Neighbors

One major source of anxiety of kids moving to a condo is not having friends. This worry may manifest as angst or anger. The key here is to reassure them that you’ll help them make new friends.

And what’s good about condos is that there are many shared amenities, so it will be natural for you and your children to interact with other residents. Take your kids to the swimming pool or bring them with you when you walk your dog at the open area, and for sure, they will meet other kids who they can befriend.

Moving homes is difficult for kids, but more so when it’s a shift from a house to a condo. Make this move easier for them with these strategies.