No Fashion Police: 3 Fashion Rules Plus-Sized Women Should Break

fashionable woman choosing between two blousesApparently, someone out there took the time to make a comprehensive list of fashion rules for plus-sized women. All to make them look “beautiful” and “flattering.” But, the fact of the matter is, these rules are made to be broken — and here’s how you can fashionably break them:

Never wear tight clothes.

Because it just emphasizes your body size. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. The important thing here is to highlight the assets you want to flaunt. If you have a big torso and a smaller lower body, go for button-down blouses that feature princess seams to define your waist. If you have big thighs you prefer showing off, recommends straight leg plus size bottoms clothing. Don’t shy away from body con dresses, too. These actually firm up the body, giving you a curvaceous physique.

Choose black always.

Plus-sized women’s wardrobes are often in the darker range of hues because it’s slimming. It does make you look thinner, but the point of dressing up isn’t just about making yourself skinny. It’s ultimately about expressing your personality. Don’t contain your vibrant character in dark hues. Go bold in colors or on prints. Choose horizontal stripes. Take it from the A-listers, like Adele and Rebel Wilson, who occasionally rock geometric prints, pink dresses, and metallic clothing. Vary your style options.

Keep skinny jeans and crop tops out.

Anyone who wants to wear skinny jeans or crop tops can wear one. As long as you feel comfortable and confident about it, do it. When wearing skinny jeans — and this is a general principle for all women regardless of body size and shape — make sure it’s a good fit.

Nothing screams fashion disaster louder than baggy skinny jeans. Try on different plus size bottoms clothing to know which fits you best. Similarly, when wearing crop tops, the right fit matters. Pair these with high-waist jeans, skirts, or shorts, and your style will be effortlessly on point.

It’s time to break these fashion rules that have long been policing plus size women’s bodies. Break out of the shell and be creative in the way you dress. Remember, at the end of the day, the style that makes you comfortable in your own skin is what matters.