Matching an Engagement Ring with a Wedding Band: Design Options to Consider for Your Wife-to-Be

engagement ring on a girl's handThe engagement is one of the highest points of your girlfriend's life, second to her wedding. After you give her an engagement ring, the wedding band usually follows shortly after.

Most ladies, however, stop wearing their engagement rings once they put on a wedding band. The reason may be to prevent their fingers from looking ‘’too busy’’ or to reduce their discomfort in having too many pieces of jewelry.

Fortunately, according to Kravit Jewelers, there is now a way for your wife-to-be to wear her wedding band and engagement ring at the same time. How? By matching the design of available yellow gold wedding rings for her with the engagement ring’s stone.

Here are some of the design options for your wife’s wedding band.

Contoured Bands

Contoured wedding bands are intended to match the bends of an engagement ring’s stone. They have a contour at their front and are straight at the back. Contoured bands are the perfect option for flush wedding bands and will match virtually all engagement ring stone styles.

Notched Bands

These are sometimes referred to as wishbone bands. Unlike contoured bands, these bands are straight all around. They have a small notch to accommodate the engagement ring’s stone. This way, the wedding band fits the engagement ring like a puzzle piece. A notched band needs to be broad enough to accommodate the notch, which holds the engagement ring.

Notched and Contoured Bands

A notched and contoured wedding band is the ideal solution for engagement rings with an elongated and dramatic profile or fine details on the center gemstone. Oval center gemstones, emerald, and marquise are some of the engagement ring stones that fit this wedding band design. Notched and contoured wedding bands are customized to fit an engagement ring’s contours properly.

The perfect design among the above for your wife requires due diligence. She, after all, will hopefully wear the rings for a lifetime. To guarantee you get it right, shop for the engagement ring and wedding band from the same store.