Know More About Window Glazing

A Woman Opening BlindsWindows keep your home secure while providing privacy and letting in ventilation. For you to make your home safer and energy efficient, installing glazed windows would be the best strategy. These are high-performance windows that minimise condensation and air leakage.

There are various options for glazing window treatments available currently. Most glass suppliers in Auckland stock a wide variety of glazed windows, such as Auckland Glass Ltd. As a word of caution, always ensure that you buy your windows from a reputable supplier. Here are the three common types of window glazing.

Single Glazing

These glass windows are made of one glass layer. They are not very energy efficient. They have thus decreased in popularity owing to climate change and the effects of global warming. They are the cheapest glazed glass available.

Double Glazing

Double-windows comprise two glass panes with an inert gas between them. They are efficient thermal insulators and help you save on heating and cooling energy costs. They have good sound insulation and are tough to break. So they provide increased security for your property. They also decrease the amount of sunlight in your indoors thus reducing damage to your furniture. They have a modern look which appeals to modern futuristic designs.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows consist of three glass panes. They have better thermal and sound insulation properties than double glazed windows. They are the best option for those looking for maximum security. They are also the ideal option for French windows. However, weaker sash materials cannot handle the weight of triple-glazed glass.  The weight of this glass may also bend your window hinges over time. They are also the most costly of the glazed windows.

If you have any problems with any type of window, contact a glass repair service immediately. Prompt repair of a problem even though it might seem trivial is the best way to prevent costly repairs or replacement. You should know an emergency glass repair company that can provide you with the service you need.