How to Encourage Your Family to Spend More Time Outdoors

Family spending time outdoorsOver the last few decades, children in Tauranga are spending less and less time outdoors, preferring, instead, to play video games and spend time on gadgets. This behaviour comes as a result of technological distraction, bordering on addiction, which may negatively impact your child’s social behaviour.

There are many benefits of spending more time outdoors. Sharing outdoor activities with your family not only encourages children to spend time outdoors but also strengthens your family bond. For this to happen, you need to prepare your outdoor space.

Maintain your lawn

A beautiful yard will motivate you to get outside. Find a tree stump grinding and gardening service to get rid of protruding stumps and to provide lawn maintenance as necessary. You could also look into landscaping services to add a variety of flowers and plants that you and your family will enjoy taking care of. You should also trim trees to ensure that they look great, grow healthy, provide enough shade for an outdoor picnic and do not pose a safety hazard.

Build a pergola

Pergolas are great solutions for those who want to barbecue outdoors but don’t have enough shade in the backyard. This structure can either be attached to your deck or built separately depending on your preferences. Make sure to go with a beautiful design that complements the style of your garden.

Design a backyard playground

It is difficult to convince your kids to stay outdoors for some time unless you have something that will capture their attention and engage their interest. Put together a creative playground with structures like a mini climbing wall or a fun jungle gym that resembles a pirate ship and your kid will want to spend more time outdoors. There are lots of ideas when it comes to creating playgrounds for children and the good news is that most of them are inexpensive.

Your children will look forward to going outside if you make it an enjoyable and interesting experience. Make the effort to create dynamic outdoor spaces that your kids will love. After all, more time outdoors improves your child’s development and social behaviour.