How to Drive your 4WD on Winter Terrain

4WD on the RoadWinter is coming to New Zealand. You may be feeling the weather growing colder and colder each passing day. No matter your feelings for winter, the season offers great opportunities to ski, drive off-road and other activities.

To perform such activities, you will have to drive around NZ, and driving around, even with a four-wheel drive, can be difficult in winter, much more just starting an engine. With the lessons below, you can overcome any winter driving difficulties with your 4WD vehicle.

Warm Engine with Glow Plugs

A cold 4WD diesel engine can spell a multitude of problems for you, compelling you to stay at home and deal with a cold engine. Frost can be damaging to engines, which mean you have to keep your engine from ever freezing up.

To maintain heat in your engine when not in use, you can use glow plugs you can buy from NZ vendors such as Simms Diesel & Turbocharger Service. Glow plugs make it easier for you during ignition.

Scrape Snow with Ice-Scraper

Once you know how to start up your 4WD safely, you can focus on other parts of your vehicle. Before ignition, you can first scrape off snow and ice from lights, windows, and mirrors. You can simply use an inexpensive ice-scraper for the job. Hot water to melt ice on glass can crack the glass.

Drive Safe by Driving Slowly

Now, you have clean lights, windows, and mirrors and you have successfully started the engine, how will you drive now? 4WDs have power which make them great vehicles for off-road trips. In winter, however, even 4WD’s can have a hard time.

To be safe, you can drive your four-wheel drive slowly through snowy roads or terrain.

Other 4WD Winter Driving Lessons

You can remember to attach snow chains to your 4WD tyres as well. Snow chains can grant increased traction to already high traction 4WD tyres. Watch out for black ice, however, as even the best 4WD’s can run out of control over it.

For truly safe 4WD winter driving, you can plan your route while considering weather forecasts.

With these tips, you can enjoy NZ winter activities that require transportation. You can now handle winter driving better.