Halloween Costume Options You Can Wear Long after the Party

Girls Wearing Witch CostumesHalloween is a fun annual tradition that gives us all an excuse to dress up as a superhero or as a famous meme. But that’s no excuse to be irresponsible with your hard-earned cash.Opt for costumes that can be incorporated with your current wardrobe to get the most value for what you paid for. These days, Halloween costumes are no longer limited to spooky themes like witches and zombies. Here are some ideas to help you pick a costume that can take you from the Halloween party and beyond.

Western Style

One costume option that can give your wardrobe additional mileage is that with a western theme. Find men’s cowboy boots on sale on stores like A.A. Callister and pair with your favorite jeans and flannel shirt. Just add a vest, bandana, and a big belt buckle to transform into a convincing cowboy.

After Halloween, you can wear your boots with jeans and a solid colored shirt. Women can also come as convincing cowgirls by combining a few easy-to-wear pieces with some creative accessories. Pair a flirty printed dress with a denim jacket, boots, and a fringed leather bag, and finish off with a cowboy hat.

Decades Costumes

Select popular styles from past decades as your Halloween costume, which can be worn to another engagement for that glamorous retro look. Come as a 20s flapper girl and wear the dress again to a cocktail party, minus the gloves and cigarette holder. You can also dress as a hippie complete with round glasses and headbands, and opt to wear the dress alone for a boho-chic casual outfit. Or come as a 50s rocker with a full skirt, off-shoulder top, and a neckerchief for women, while men can come with a white shirt, black cropped pants, and black leather jacket.

Popular Movie Characters

Think of a popular movie and an iconic character and plan a Halloween costume to emulate your chosen subject. Some characters are iconic enough that even if they are dressed in wearable fashion, anyone will still be able to recognize your costume. Examples of these movie characters are Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Marilyn Monroe’s Sugar Kane in Some Like it Hot. Both characters are dressed in simple and wearable silhouettes that are versatile enough to be worn to other engagements. Men, on the other hand, can transform into the well-known Indiana Jones by combining wearable pieces to achieve the look.You don’t need to throw out your Halloween costumes after the festivities have ended. Get inspired with these ideas that give you pieces that can expand your wardrobe in practical ways.