Common Methods of Hair Removal Applied at Beauty Spas

A woman waxing her legsWomen, and a growing number of men recently, are striving for silky and smooth skin free of undesired hair. Depilatories and shaving are some examples of quick ways you can get rid of unwanted hair. These methods, however, cause redness with fast hair regrowth times.

There are currently better ways of hair removal at a spa in Tauranga. These options are almost pain-free, very safe and have better results than traditional DIY methods of removing hair. Here are some hair removal treatments available at the spa.


In the case of wax treatments, a beauty technician spreads a stick wax on the area you want to remove hair. After it dries, the wax is covered with cloth, which is quickly pulled, taking unwanted hair with it. The area waxed should remain hairless for 3–6 weeks.


This permanent hair removal technique involves the use of a tiny needle which delivers shortwave radio frequencies to hair follicles. It treats each strand of hair separately and hence takes a longer time than other treatment methods to get rid of unwanted hair entirely. The amount of discomfort you will experience varies but a mild topical anesthetic is sometimes used to ease the pain.


Threading is a common type of hair removal technique where the aesthetician twists and rolls a thread to remove hair from its roots. Beauticians typically use this method on eyebrows but also on ears, nostrils, the chin and upper lip. It has the same regrowth time as waxing but is less abrasive.

Sugaring uses a technique similar to waxing, but it instead uses a gel or paste containing sugar rather than wax.

The long-term option of getting rid of unwanted hair is laser hair removal. The technique involves the use of light to destroy hair follicles.

You can now choose the best method for you to say goodbye to unwanted hair.