A Guide to Purchasing an Engagement Ring

a couple holding handsImagine that you have dated someone for a while and are sure that he or she is the one you would like to spend the rest of your life with. Before getting married, you have to worry about an essential piece of jewelry: the engagement ring. Fortunately, you can procure one from a gem dealer in Salt Lake City.

It is likely that you are overwhelmed and are thinking about what kind of ring you should go for. With that in mind, here are trends that can guide you when choosing the perfect ring.

Pear-shaped Diamonds

The standard rings in the market have a round or oval diamond shape, but rings with pear-shaped diamonds are in demand once again. The shape of the diamond creates an illusion of longer and slimmer fingers for the wearer.

Colorful Gems

More women prefer rings that have a unique appearance. Therefore, you can choose a ring that uses colorful gems instead of the traditional diamond. Other rings use gemstones such as sapphires and rubies for a bolder look.

Rose Gold

Many pieces of jewelry are rose gold, and engagement rings are not an exception. This color is suitable for people with different skin tones. The color emanates a romantic feel, making it ideal for an engagement ring.

Vintage Designs

Does the vintage theme create a spark in you? If yes, you should consider getting a ring that has a vintage-themed design. The rings with an old design are elegant and are a good start for a classic-themed wedding.

You only have one chance to ask the magic question to your spouse-to-be. Therefore, you have to get things right. You can choose an engagement ring with the help of a jeweler in Salt Lake City.