Which States Impose the Strictest Rules on Speeding?

Traffic laws in the USNew Jersey’s laws on traffic speed limits are among the strictest in the country, and violators can lose their license for up to a month and pay higher insurance rates.

Other states with harsh sanctions include Georgia, Delaware, Virginia, and Oregon, according to an analysis. These states enforce the law using a police speed gun and other tracking devices that have improved with the help of technology.

Speeding Sanctions

New Jersey prohibits drivers to go beyond ten mph in areas where speed limits are posted. Otherwise, drivers are considered “racing” on public roads. It might seem farfetched to treat offenders in this way, but the restriction stems from the state’s disapproval of street racing.

Fines are based on how fast a person has been driving on the road, and the price becomes more expensive when someone drives at a faster speed. Luckily for existing offenders, the state’s Supreme Court issued an order on dismissing 800,000 tickets and violations that happened before 2003.

Drivers in Other States

While other states haven’t decided to dismiss their records, the best thing that motorists can do is to avoid running into the wrong side of the law. In Georgia, for instance, a speeding ticket for driving more than 85 mph requires a person to pay $200.

Delaware imposes the harshest punishment for reckless drivers. Convicted offenders face a fine of up to $300 or up to 30 days in jail. It can be both in some instances. Traffic violations not only hurt your wallet but also affect your employment prospects because of your criminal history.

Whether or not you live in a state with strict traffic regulations, compliance with the law remains necessary. For traffic officials, using modern devices becomes vital in upholding the law.