Nursing Home Abuse: Potential Punishments and Consequences

An Elderly WomanElderly neglect or abuse should not happen in nursing homes because the people who live there are among the most vulnerable class of people who must be treated and protected at all costs.

Conversely, false allegations of neglect or abuse in nursing homes are equally wrong. Charges of elder or nursing home neglect or ill-treatment could lead to severe civil and criminal consequences.

If you are facing a charge of elderly abuse, you should employ a nursing home abuse attorney in Springfield, IL, such as Noll Law Office. Here is what you might be in for.

Consequences and Punishment

The majority of nursing home abuse are offenses at the felony level, while alleged offenses based on reckless or negligent conduct or omissions are gross misdemeanors or lower felony level offenses. In general, this means that the accused stand to face one up to three years of imprisonment.

On the other hand, charges based on knowing or intentional conduct are mid-range felony level offenses that come with imprisonment of two up to twenty years in prison. Also, the severity of the injuries likewise influences the punishment and more severe injuries typically lead to more serious charges.

For example, if you only endanger an elderly individual, but not injure him or her, you get punishment for “risk of harm” or neglect, which is a misdemeanor. It is also important to note that acts constituting elder abuse charges could overlap with other charges, like financial exploitation, spousal abuse, and assault.

Other Important Things to Note

Since state legislatures are deeply concerned about how vulnerable elderly victims are, a majority of states usually opt to prosecute the accused for all potential or applicable offenses. This means that the offenses would be stacked, which in turn would raise the applicable punishments.

Do note also that charges of nursing home abuse could also have civil consequences, such that you could lose your healthcare-related license or even an inheritance you stand to receive.

Seek help from an experienced lawyer as early as possible to figure out the best defense if you are facing a charge or nursing home abuse, or else suffer the consequences.