How to Create the Most Ideal Visitation Schedule for Your Baby

child custody visitationIf you’re planning to divorce and you have a baby, you might be wondering how you could make an ideal visitation schedule so your little angel could still spend time with both their parents. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this situation. What’s more crucial is that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse agree on important issues and ensure that your decisions fully support the unique needs of your baby. To help you out, consider the following tips:

Take it One Step at a Time

Start small then build a manageable routine from there. Regular, short visits offer the perfect chance for bonding. If possible, begin with an hour to several hours three to four times each week. If you’re the custodial parent, make sure your co-parent knows about your baby’s sleeping and feeding schedule.

Trust is the Key to Peace of Mind

Trust in each other and the entire process. No parent is 100% certain of what they’re doing all the time. Take cues from your baby and don’t get discouraged if you fail to anticipate your baby’s needs — you’ll get used to them in time.

Although this is a wonderful process, it could be tough for you to imagine that the other parent could be as sensitive to your baby’s needs as you are. This is where trust is most needed. Trust that although your baby’s other parent might not be as efficient or have the same approach as you, they would be able to learn and adapt to your baby’s needs eventually.

Consider Overnight Visitations

Done right, this visitation schedule could benefit both you and your co-parent. It would give you some time for yourself and your co-parent the necessary time to bond with your baby. Denver family law attorneys remind, however, that not all courts grant overnight visitations if the child is below three years old. Look into your state’s child custody laws prior to filing a request for overnight visitations.

Breastfeeding Concerns

Breastfeeding is both immensely wonderful and challenging, but could be a significant issue when it comes to visitation, particularly if the mom refuses to or is having a difficult time pumping breast milk. If you’re looking to get longer visitation times, but the custodial parent is unwilling due to breastfeeding, communicate with her. Start by asking about her specific concerns — if she’s amenable to pumping or perhaps giving your baby formula.

What’s the ideal visitation schedule? Regular, consistent visitations offer the perfect opportunity for bonding and that should be your main goal when trying to create a visitation schedule that’s practical for everyone involved.