Divorce and Family Law in CO: What You Should Know

Metro USThe State of Colorado remains one of the top ten states in the country with the highest divorce rates, although the numbers have already dropped over the years. This means that you are not alone in wanting to dissolve your marriage, which in your specific case, may already be the best decision.

Gordon N. Shayne, a family law practitioner, reminds you that it’s your right to file for divorce when your marriage is already irretrievably broken. You should, however, arm yourself with more knowledge about the various branches of family law in the state, as doing so can help you through the process.


Called “Dissolution of Marriage” by the Colorado courts, divorce is often rife with negative emotions, not to mention physically exhausting procedures, especially without the help of a legal professional. Divorcing doesn’t just mean ending a marriage legally; it also means making numerous financial decisions and changes, as well as potentially limited time with a child/children.

Division of property and other agreements

All courts, regardless of the state, favor the amicable deal when it comes to the division of marital property, debt payments, and of course parenting of children. However, there is always the possibility that your spouse would contest any or even all of these, so you have to prepare yourself. Seeking legal counsel can help you understand better what your options are, and how you can best address each concern.

Child support, custody, and maintenance

Divorce isn’t just a painful process for the adults; it can also bring hurt to the children. Disagreements when it comes to financial support, time that a parent can spend with the kids, which parent the little ones will live with for a majority of their life as a minor, and who gets to decide for the child can all arise during the divorce proceedings.

All in all, having an attorney by your side can make a huge difference when you receive a proposed deal from your former husband or wife that you find unfair and unjust.