3 Common Workplace Injuries that you Could be Compensated For

man slipped beside a wet floor signStudies reveal that close to three million people suffer injuries in their workplaces every year. Unfortunately, some of these injuries never recover, which leave workers unable to provide for their families or even live ordinary lives.

Employees are eligible to benefits and compensation if they ever fall victim to injury at work. The help of a lawyer in Salt Lake City comes in handy to ensure that you get compensation after a workplace injury. You can read through to find out some of the typical workplace injuries you might come across. Some employers also tend to neglect the importance of safety practices in their workplaces because this requires extra time and resources.

1. Repetitive stress injuries

Repetitive stress injuries are not as common as other injuries in workplaces because most people are not aware that they are injured since their senses are numbed from the stress. Stress is harmful in the long run because they cause a strain on tendons and muscles due to repetitive motions. The injuries usually cause carpal tunnel syndrome, back pains, and joint issues.

2. Falls, trips, and slips

You are likely to experience slippery surfaces or floors at some point in your work life regardless of your work setting. However, the risks are higher in factories than in offices because you might have to carry heavy and bulky items in industries than in offices. You might also fall from high places like ladders, and such falls can be dangerous. Workplaces should be fully equipped with precautionary measures whether small businesses or big businesses.

3. Industrial Deafness

Don’t be deceived that industrial deafness went out with old heavy industries. Unfortunately, exposure of employees to loud noises could harm their eardrums in the long run. If you suffer deafness because of the work environment, you could ask the company to, transfer you or compensate you.

Clear signage, access to safety tools, and safety training sessions are essential in reducing the risks of workplace injuries. If you suffer any of the injuries listed above, make sure you seek legal help to get the rightful compensation. You should ensure that you hire a skilled and experienced lawyer to help you seek out your legal rights.