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The Future is Here: The Rise of Robots

Making RobotsReal Steel, Robot Movie, Robocop, and I, Robot are among the famous robot movies loved and watched by people from different generations around the world. This just proves that the reality of robots probably walking in the streets alongside humans in the near future is highly possible.

The present might not be as advanced as those movies projected, but people are starting to witness and recognise the importance of having robots around. Tanna Partners mentions that this explains the rise of engineering courses, as well as the increasing demand for exceptional talents to fill robotics job vacancies. But is the demand for robotics just a trend? Or will it sustain and grow in the near future?

Robotics in everyday life

Cellular phones are becoming smarter in a sense that you can actually ask, and they would answer (think Siri and Cortana). But other than these high technology interactions between humans and machines, the presence of robots are regularly felt in different fields, such as health and medicine, as well as security and protection.

Machines used in various medical operations are becoming more advanced. In addition to advanced machines, Japan, a pioneer in robotics technology, is starting to use robots to carry out tasks that are done by humans. Restaurants and hospitals are starting to use robots in place of humans to carry out basic tasks, such as cleaning, delivery, and simple organisations.

Growing future of robotics

Business Insider forecasted that robotics is not just a trend; it is something that can be sustained due to the increasing demands and patronage of different sectors of business, particularly manufacturing. The increase in demand for robots in the field of manufacturing has a spill effect in the increasing demand for the specialised skill set. This is because people are starting to value convenience and comfort more than ever.

Someday, those robot movies would be more than just a work of fiction. But we cannot deny the fact that we will still need human talent, intelligence and judgement to carry out important tasks in the future. When robots and humans work together, we can expect more amazing things to happen.