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Home CCTV Cameras: An Effective Deterrent of Crime

CCTV Security attached to a wallHome CCTV can prevent burglary and home invasion, as well as help settle disputes between neighbors while keeping family and property secure and safe. If someone is home alone or away from home, a CCTV system gives peace of mind.

The security feature has revolutionized the way society deals with crime. Video obtained after crimes may show the commission of the act as it happened. Speed cameras help deter illegal racers. Likewise, home CCTV systems can deter thieves.

Here are reasons to consider the installation of security cameras in your Utah home.

Burglars Don’t Like Homes with CCTV

When interviewed by researchers at the University of North Carolina, 60% of convicted burglars stated that they would change their mind about breaking into a house if they saw it had a security camera.

Around 200 homes are burglarized every hour of every day in the U.S, and 14 of those 200 homes are home invasion robberies. These types of crime usually involve high levels of violence including physical assault and rape. Getting CCTV reduces the chance of being a victim of violent crime.

CCTV Deters Nasty Neighbors

They can also settle problems with neighbors such as arguments over land boundaries, fencing or barking dogs. You now can catch on camera neighbors who fly-tip on the property or engage in vandalism.

Case studies involving neighbor disputes show that when a CCTV camera is put up, anti-social behavior decreases. Security camera installation, Utah specialists can install CCTV to residential properties and give full instructions to the homeowners on its use.

Once placed, the camera will bring years of security and reassurance.

CCTV is sometimes criticized for invading privacy, but they can deter criminals from invading the home. They may prevent violent crimes and are a useful neighborhood watch tool. They are a popular deterrent for residential areas.