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Effective Video Production Starts with Three Things

female video production expert editing video on laptopProducing a video is not as easy as people want you to believe. You need to do more than get the equipment together or write a script. There are so many elements to consider. If you do not know the first thing you’re doing, you might end up wasting money on expensive equipment you’re not utilizing properly.

Here’s what Denver production companies want you to focus on instead:

A Message

You’re choosing to show customers something about your company in the form of a video. It’s a content format, but it will be nothing if you do not have a clear message. It’s important to know what you want to say before the video production starts; it prevents the production team from wasting time and resources on an idea that will be scrapped because they are not what you had in mind.

A Voice

You’ve already got the message. Now, you have to think of how you want to say it. The voice is partly determined by the audience you’re trying to reach. If they are younger, you can go with an informal tone. If you are talking to professionals, they will want the message short and straight to the point–without being boring. Present the message in the most effective way depending on the recipient so that it will be received well.

A Platform

You already know you’ll be sending the message out through a video, but where will the video be posted? Will it be on the company website, your brand’s YouTube channel, or on Facebook? Each one has their posting rules, and audiences expect different things. Tailor your video to the platform you intend to use it on, to take full advantage of its contents.

A message, a platform, and a voice. Once you have decided on these factors, video production can go without a hitch.