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Critical Components of an Efficient Property Alarm System

alarm systemsResidential and commercial security systems are among the most significant needs worldwide. As such, many companies offering security solutions for these properties have come up. Alarm systems, however, remain the most popular choice for most property owners.

When evaluating the products different companies offer, it helps to know exactly what you should base your choice on. Some companies in Lafayette might offer you several accessories in their alarm systems that override the basic components an efficient system should have.

Here are these primary components you should not compromise.

The Control Panel

This is the ‘brain’ of your alarm system. It analyzes and decodes the signals it receives from the detector to set off an alarm if needed. Hard-wired systems typically have their control panel located in a wall-mounted cabinet installed in the basement or a closet.

The Keypad

This is your alarm system’s command center. You will arm or disarm your system from here by entering your access codes. Most keypads now have a panic button, which sounds an alarm or sends a notification to your monitoring station in case there is an emergency.

The central alarm system keypad is usually in a frequently used entryway while, additional ones can be installed in the master bedroom, for example.


These are magnetic switches that trigger your alarm when tripped. There are different types of sensors, including passive infrared, microwave, ultrasonic, glass break and photoelectric. The ideal choice for your alarm system’s sensor depends on your property’s size and your budget.

Burglars are the biggest security threat to homes, and commercial buildings likewise report a robbery every 1.6 minutes in the US. With the guide above, you are now fortunately in a better place to pay attention to the components that matter.