What to Do When Dental Equipment Breaks

Dental Treatment for Dental EquipmentOnce someone starts to work with dental equipment to supplement the function in their mouth, they need to know as much as possible about it, so they know how to react if anything breaks. In some cases, they may need to visit an emergency dentist in Mackay.

When someone first gets their dental equipment, they may want to ask their dentist about whether they need to see an emergency dentist in Mackay, like Northern Beaches Dental, in the event of breakage.


Dentures are strong enough to allow someone to bite and chew with. However, they are also fragile enough to break if they are dropped especially if this occurs over a hard surface like a bathroom sink. This is why it is advisable for someone to clean their dentures over a towel or soft surface.

Broken dentures only require a trip to the emergency dentist in Mackay if the damage has caused any injury to the inside of the mouth. Otherwise, the problem is more of an inconvenience than an emergency. However, someone should contact their dentist as soon as possible to address the issue. In the meantime, they need to keep their dentures moist in case they can be repaired as if they dry out, further damage is likely.

Crowns or bridges

A cracked bridge or a crown that has fallen out is quite common especially if the equipment has been in place for several years. Wherever possible, the patient needs to keep hold of anything that has fallen out. If they are in pain or their teeth are feeling sensitive, they should get in touch with the emergency dentist in Mackay as soon as possible. There may be a temporary solution available to relive any discomfort. In the meantime, they should try not to consume particularly hot or cold foods. Where possible, it’s also great to avoid applying pressure to any area where there is a missing crown.


Lost or broken aligners can affect the course of teeth straightening treatment. A patient needs to let their dentist know as soon as possible when they have an issue. They should be able to reorder the missing aligner.