What are Dental Implants in Herefordshire?

a woman comfortably sitting in a dental chairMissing teeth can cause major dental problems if left untreated and so it really is imperative that missing teeth be replaced sooner rather than later. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that actually strengthens a weakening jawbone. The jawbone can deteriorate if there is a lack of stimulation caused by biting and chewing and the only tooth replacement option that mimics a real tooth are dental implants. In Herefordshire, dental implants can leave patients smiling with confidence.

The implants are small titanium posts, which are surgically inserted into the jawbone where teeth are missing. Over time, the titanium fuses with the jawbone, creating a secure base for the artificial teeth. These posts are effectively what the root would be if it was a real tooth. These are what allow the jawbone to regain strength. The new tooth or teeth are then attached to the posts. Dental implants in Herefordshire can be used for replacing a single tooth, several teeth, or even if a whole upper or lower arch. The amount of time for recovery is dependent on how healthy the gums and jawbone are initially. Many dental practices in the area, including Warrendale Dental, provide dental implants in Herefordshire, together with a variety of sedation options.

Dental implants without fear

The dental implant procedure is relatively straightforward however, a nervous patient could find the sound of it daunting. This can prevent individuals from undertaking necessary work.

Dental anxiety is more common than people think. The cause of the anxiety differs from person to person. It can range from a bad childhood memory to a fear of needles or the dental drill. Whatever the cause, if a patient suffers from dental anxiety, a problem can go untreated resulting in more dental harm.

Fortunately, most treatments today give the absolute minimum amount of discomfort but if there is still lingering fear, a dentist can offer ways to control anxiety or reduce pain. The sedation can either be in the form of oral sedation, IV sedation, or even topical, and is ideal for patients who feel anxious at the prospect of sitting in the dentist chair.