The Link Between High Levels of Stress and Oral Health

Young Woman Grinding Her TeethStudies have pointed out and proved the adverse effects of stress, like loss of productivity and ill health, but these do not mention enough what it does on the teeth and mouth. What many people do not know is that the oral health takes a beating when you are under stressful conditions, as well.

Teeth Grinding

Some people cannot stop the habit of clenching or grinding their teeth. While this unconscious action might seem harmless, they can hurt the teeth. The friction that results from grinding wears down the enamel or even cause them to loosen. In some instances, the teeth can chip, crack, and become highly sensitive. It jeopardises any dental work, such as fillings and crowns, too.

In addition to routine teeth cleaning, a dentist can pick up such anomalies and find a solution. They could help you break the habit and repair damages (if any) to your teeth. They can supply you with a custom night guard to keep you from grinding your teeth as you sleep.

Food Choices

High levels of stress cause people to seek unhealthy food, from starchy to sugary treats. This is bad news for your teeth because these types of food can cause decay. When left on your teeth for a long time, the enamel slowly breaks down and wears away completely. Remember that tooth enamel does not grow back, so it is best not to snack on unhealthy choices.

Dry Mouth

Anxiety often leads to a dry mouth, and that poses a danger to your teeth. Apart from making it easier to swallow food, saliva has another role — cleansing. It clears away bacteria in the mouth, keeping their numbers small and harmless. In the absence of saliva, harmful micro-organisms could multiply rapidly and erode the protective layers of the teeth. Moreover, if you are taking medications to battle stress and anxiety, make sure they are not causing your mouth to become drier.

It might come as a surprise that there is a strong connection between stress levels and your dental health. Now that you know, you should do something about it.