Sagging Breasts and All the Changes Your Breasts Go Through

Plastic surgery doctor draw line on patient breastBreast lifts can solve the unsightly issues of many women in Utah with sagging breasts, but what exactly causes sagging in the first place? Dr. Steven Warnock noted that many attribute saggy breasts to breastfeeding and other factors, but the truth lies in aging and gravity.

Understanding Breasts

Breasts change over the years, and sagging only counts as a part of those changes. Know more about this topic here:

Breasts Rise

In puberty, you developed breasts from the time you first experienced menstruation. The development continued for several years, ending by the time you turn 20 years old. Aside from the growth of your breasts, you may have also developed stretch marks. Your skin may have failed to keep up with the growth of your breasts, stretching out as a result.

Breasts at Peak

In your 20s, your breasts remain at peak perkiness and firmness. As you menstruate regularly, however, you may feel your breasts becoming more pronounced or tender. This sensation stems from your fluctuating hormones. Menstruation may also make you feel lumps in your breasts. Consult a doctor if you find these lumps concerning.

Breasts Sag

Once you hit your 30s and 40s, more changes may come. You might become pregnant and notice your breasts grow larger. Your nipples may grow darker, as well. Take note: According to scientific research, your breasts may sag because of childbirth rather than because of breastfeeding. In women who have no children, on the other hand, it can be as simple as gravity causing the breast to sag.

Make Your Breasts Perky Again

As you can see, sagging breasts count as a part of the natural changes of the body, particularly your breasts. Contrary to popular opinion, bras and certain exercises can do little to prevent breast sagging. The last (and probably the ideal) option left will be breasts lifts that you can undergo.

Feel free to research more about breasts lifts to know what you are getting into. The plastic surgeon that will perform the procedure will also be more than happy to answer your questions. You can say goodbye to drooping breasts soon.