Real Talk: Should You Talk to Your Unborn Baby?

a pregnant woman wearing a pink dressA lot of pregnant women find themselves talking to their babies even before giving birth. You’ve probably done this yourself, massaging your baby bump, while talking in a slow, soothing manner, after you felt a tiny kick or just out of motherly instinct. But what exactly does science say about this? Are there benefits to communicating this early to your child?

Listening, Learning Little One

Studies confirm that babies can hear sounds and voices even when they’re in the womb. In fact, they’re able to remember them even after birth. Some West Jordan health experts also believe that babies can learn language and distinguish the difference between the mother’s native tongue and the foreign ones. These all point to the fact that the learning process of babies begin even before they were born.

Given this, there are indeed a lot of benefits in being intentional in talking to your little one, helping in language development and being familiar with sounds from the outside world.

Bonding with the Bump

For first-time moms, bonding with your baby in the womb may feel like a little weird. After all, it appears to be just a one-sided conversation. Some women discuss this with their ob-gyn. West Jordan health experts recommend trying these:

Massage your bump. Doing this often makes the reality of having a baby more real. It’s also a good way to relax. Some women use oils and creams to make the activity more soothing. You would find it more natural to talk to your child as you do this. Ask your partner to massage you every now and then, so they could also share in this bonding activity.

Share what happened to you during the day. Sometimes, the weirdness in talking to the baby comes from not knowing what to talk about. So, why not start with talking about how your day went? Tell them who you were with, what you did, or how the weather is. The idea is just to let them know what happened to you.

Respond to the baby’s kicks. Seize these moments and tell your baby how excited you are about meeting them and finally touching those cute, little feet.

Science suggests that talking to your baby even before they’re born is beneficial. So, go ahead, bond with the bump.