Radon: A Threat to Homes

Radon ElementCancer can either be heredity or acquired through activities and environment. People working in dangerous places exposed to high degrees of radiation are among the most vulnerable. But, radiation can be found anywhere, even in your home.

The most common type of radioactive gas found in most homes is known as Radon. Radon testing is offered by different agencies in Salt Lake City to residential properties. Make sure you have yours tested as well.

What is Radon? How does it affect people?

Radon is decaying uranium usually found in soil. It is colorless and odorless making it difficult to detect. Radon is a type of radioactive gas. It is present everywhere, albeit in low levels. However, it can be highly dangerous once it enters your home and gets trapped in it.

Like other radioactive gasses, too much and prolonged exposure to Radon can cause diseases such as lung cancer. Thus, proper and regular inspection is encouraged by the local government.

What are your responsibilities as a homeowner?

Regardless of whether you are moving into a new place, or selling out your old one, it is your duty to get your home tested for Radon. Various Radon testing kits are available in local stores which you can easily use.

You can also seek help from Radon testing centers to help you evaluate your home’s Radon exposure levels. If your home’s Radon levels are higher than the acceptable one, immediately contact your state Radon office so necessary measures can be done.

Do not underestimate the dangers of prolonged Radon exposure can do to your body. Have your homes tested properly, and regularly to make sure that you and your family are always on top of your health. Get your homes tested now!