Parent Alert: How to Ensure Good Oral Health for Your Kids

a kid at the dentistHow much dental care does your child need? Most parents cannot answer this question with certainty. You know you want your kids to have good oral health, but you must admit you don’t always know exactly how to achieve this.

What else can you do aside from to teach them the proper way of using a toothbrush when they are old enough? Mahoney Family Dentistry has a few ideas.

Seeing a pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentists are the best people to help you get the right answers to questions you may have about oral health for your kids. They are qualified to provide holistic and comprehensive care.

Specialists also cater to children with special needs who require dental care. Setting an appointment with a trusted kids’ dentist for your child is one of the best things you can do for their oral health.

Protecting teeth and preventing cavities

Children can suffer from tooth decay as much as adults can. Damage to the enamel, the outer covering of teeth, exposes the teeth and makes the other layers vulnerable.

Nursing children are at risk for tooth decay. Bedtime bottles that contain anything other than water could increase the chances of damage to teeth and gums. Sugars and bacteria are harmful to teeth as well. Saliva cleans teeth naturally, but sweets and milk can be harmful if the particles stay in the mouth.

Later on, they will learn to brush and floss, but while they are incapable of doing self-care, you must clean their oral cavity. Dental caries can be prevented, but it takes special effort on your part to ensure your children do not end up with blackened and broken permanent teeth and infected gums.

Professional dental care helps you and your children. The initial visit should be a fun and stress-free time. Because regular dental visits must be part of a child’s oral care routine, start preparing them for it now, and make sure it is a positive experience for them.