No Need for a Tin Grin

A dentist checking the woman's teethAdvances in technology mean that patients no longer have to be self-conscious of their smile when considering getting braces. In Beaconsfield, clear braces offer an alternative for those who do not want to worry about having ‘train-track’ metal braces. Metal braces can tend to dominate the teeth, but clear braces can blend in with them. Many dentists are now offering clear braces to their patients when suitable.

When considering treatment, there are various dentists to go for clear braces in Beaconsfield, such as Garden View.

See through the process

Clear brace brackets are applied to each individual tooth and connected with a wire. They are made from either a clear ceramic material or a plastic polycarbonate. Usually quicker than the traditional metal options, clear braces, in Beaconsfield offer effective treatment often using gentler forces. The treatment usually takes between 9 and 18 months; however, some have had their smile back in as little as six months.

Advances in technology have made room for a more comfortable treatment than traditional braces, using less force to discreetly straighten the teeth. The appliance can be removed, usually for no more than 2-4 hours per day, to allow the patient to eat and brush their teeth as they would normally.

As with traditional braces, the teeth must be looked after with extra care to maintain oral hygiene. Orthodontic wax is available to fix any soreness that may be experienced in the cheeks and gums as a result of the fitting.

Feel yourself

There are many benefits found in opting for clear braces. The braces allow the teeth to straighten, without sacrificing a period of time to being self-conscious and not confident. Teen teeth are suited to the treatment, as long the devices can deal with their alignment issues. This is a comfort for teenagers who are often going through a sensitive stage of their lives, when self-image and self-expression can be very important.

Clear braces are also favoured by many adults, who find traditional braces an inconvenience for their career. The nature of the clear braces means they can be removed periodically, to allow for brace-free appearances at very important events.