How to Slow Down Father Time and Look Great Longer

A Woman Getting Treatment An extremely busy person may not notice immediately that the stress and all that lack of sleep are already affecting their health and making them look older than they are.

It may bother you that your body is starting to show signs of old age way too early. But it may not be too late to reverse the situation and push ageing a little further into the future. Here are some suggestions.

Evaluate your lifestyle

Your busy lifestyle may be preventing you from taking better care of yourself. Know which parts of your current lifestyle may be the source of this problem – and resolve to make changes. For example, even if you spend most hours in a day working, you still can’t say no when friends say they’ll meet you at the pub. Learn to say no; go home and get some much-needed rest instead.

Eat a balanced diet

Being too busy may force you to eat fast food all the time. This is unhealthy; you need a balanced diet based on your size, weight, age and level of physical activity. Learn to cook and prepare your meals at home. The trick is to cook food that does not spoil quickly every weekend, then keep them in your refrigerator and label them for every day of the week. Bring your lunch, and you’ll not only save your health but your money, as well.

Fix your beauty regimen

You still need a beauty regimen even or especially if you’re busy.

  • Rest and a good diet are number one. Then, of course, you need exercise.
  • Your skin needs cleansing, moisturising and protection from the sun.
  • Your hair needs a salon treatment every so often (learn to do it at home to save on cash).
  • Your teeth need your and your dentist’s care. When was the last time you went in for some cleaning? If you’re concerned about the cost of dental cleaning or other beneficial treatments, find an NHS dentist in Croydon. Of course, if you are after paying less, you have to be sure you’re only getting a treatment that is clinically necessary for better dental health.
  • Avoid any destructive habits like smoking and indulging in alcohol.

As busy as you are, your body needs time to recuperate from the stress. Heed these pieces of advice and slow down the ageing process even for a little bit.