How Important is Regular Teeth Cleaning?

a woman brushing her teeth with an orange tooth brushTooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems are preventable, provided you take the necessary precautions and preventative methods. Regular teeth cleaning methods are a good example.

Gentle Dental Care and many other practitioners agree that the following are the main reasons you need regular teeth cleaning in Croydon.

Prevents Cavity

The risk of tooth decay increases when food debris accumulates on the spaces between the teeth. Regular brushing will not completely solve the problem. You will need the help of a professional to get the job done right and thoroughly. Dental cleaning gets into tough spots that a normal toothbrush is unable to reach. Consult your dentist to determine the extent of cleaning you need.

Stops Potential Tooth Loss

Tooth loss does not just happen; it takes time and poor oral care contributes to it. This problem could easily worsen if left untreated. It may cause infections, gum disease and misalignment, just to name a few. As the cliché goes, prevention is always a better option. Regular cleaning helps prevent tooth loss and decay, as well as keeps teeth and gums healthy.

Improves Your Smile

Stains from smoking, coffee, tea and other sugary or caffeinated drinks can lead to teeth discolouration. When this happens, your smile will not be as beautiful as it once was and this may affect your confidence. With regular teeth cleaning, however, the whiteness of your smile will return and you may regain lost self-confidence.

Prevents Gum Disease

Like tooth loss, gum disease may lead to other dental problems, which is why you need teeth cleaning. This procedure removes food debris, stains and plaque, leaving your teeth and gums spotless and healthy.

These are just some of the reasons it is important to visit the dentist and have your teeth cleaned regularly. When you do this, you improve your dental health and prevent a variety of dental problems.